Of Land, Sea And Sky

This is the story, not just of one man's life, but of many inspirational characters. It's a story of growing up rejecting the herd mentality. A story about going your own way, in life, in business, in sport, music and dance. Playing the violin in an East London School, is not the easy route to popularity. Joining an arctic expedition in the school summer break while the other kids hang out on the street, is not the norm. Learning to sail while everyone else kicks balls around, you've got to know your own mind, early on. Running a parachute club when you're almost the youngest person there and surrounded by tough military types and competitive skydivers, takes nerve. Becoming, the youngest advanced instructor and chief instructor in the country, a test jumper for Britain's biggest parachute manufacturer and a display jumper for British Aerospace; these are not things experienced by all skydivers. Racing cars and motorcycles and paying for it all from a salary, sacrificing relationships, a social life and much else besides, just to make it to the starting grid. This is not the story of a Lauda or a Schumaker, but it will inform many a motor-sport enthusiast and advise anyone thinking of taking the plunge. The good and the bad characters one meets in business, from inspiration and mentoring to hypocrisy and politics, it's all here. Discover business ideas as yet un-tried and the problems associated with taking big ideas to major players. Thinking of starting a business, or taking on a partner? Read and learn from the experiences of this author, don't do it the hard way. From great highs to suicidal lows, from attempting the conventional, to sailing away and leaving it all behind this book will surprise and inform from first to the last.
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